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Global SPS has a strong history of technology and innovation.  We are young and dynamic company providing industrial automation solutions.
Global SPS is demand driven & our services include sourcing, marketing, indent sales, distribution from our own stock, automation and technical services. In each of these we have acquired a story database of products,& some preferred suppliers who are willing to support us in aim long term development . We have also invested in manufacturing units for making SPM (Special purpose m/cís). Our customer can rely on us every step of the way, from strategic sourcing to purchase consultancy. In fact we donít offer aim customer anything. Until we have fully discussed the requirements, established their strategic aims & agreed the best way forward.


Our mission is to add value for our customers by helping them achieve their desired level of quality and safety for their products, assets and processes; to protect their brands and enable their success in the global marketplace.

We are striving to reach and to keep market leadership, which translates itself into innovative software products, reliable engineering solutions, customer-specific adaptations, flexibility, superior product quality, and outstanding service.

We consider our employees our most valuable asset for our common success. We encourage them to engage themselves in a creative, innovative and team-oriented way for the satisfaction of our customers and for the success of our group